Broken Fiber Optic cable repair
Fiber Mechanical Splice
Fiber Fusion Splice
With mechanical splicing, the typical insertion loss (IL) is higher – between 0.2 dB and 0.75 dB – because the two fibers are simply aligned and not physically joined. (Insertion loss is the loss of signal power resulting from the insertion of a splice in optical fiber.)
Fusion splicing provides a continuous connection between two fibers, it offers lower insertion loss and better performance. The typical loss in fusion splicing is
< 0.1 dB, providing better protection against cable failure and weak signals.

Fiber Optics Repair

When a Fiber line is broken underground there are only a few choices to get it repaired.
This Fiber cable is directly buried in the ground with no way to rerun or replace it without digging up the full 1500ft of cable